The future of Dubstep

dubstepThroughout history we can observe trends within music that come and go. Some trends remain in the public “ear” for a long time and eventually become part of the culture. In regards to Dubstep we can already see that its decade of existence has already created a sub-culture. Yet as some trends go, it might just be hype such as the Macarena was to the world. Obviously we can’t compare the Macarena to Dubstep, but we can see how people react to trends and speculate what the future of Dubstep might be.

A lot of people

Dubstep has managed to find its way into our lives in many different forms. From purely the music to Dubstep apparel, from movies and the engineering of Dubstep Software we can witness the massive influence the genre has on society. The fact of the matter is that after roughly ten years of its existence we have only seen a growing trend behind the music. Most electronic music manages to remain highly popular for roughly five years at a time, but never before has an electronic genre surpassed the borders of “electro” and made its way into the general public. The only other electronic genre that managed to do the same was, house music seeing that these days all “pop music” contains elements of house.

Yet Dubstep has something more unique than house due to the nature of the arrangements and the elements that make up Dubstep. And it is this uniqueness that allowed Dubstep to invade our ears and hearts and make a permanent residence.

Yet eventually there will be a decline in the hype that surrounds the genre, this is only a natural occurrence. But throughout the decade of its existence we can be sure that there is a culture associated with the music that will make sure that it never dies.

The current state of Dubstep

Dubstep is currently still very new and exciting for people. A lot of producers are experimenting with how to make dubstep sound different and the various techniques such as VST plugins and manual LFO modulation, that are associated with the genre. Nowadays we can see new fusions of style and sound within the music such as Dubcore, Dubmetal and Dubrock. Also a lot of people are going back to the roots of the genre and implementing more Dub into the Dubstep.

Dub, which originally comes from Jamaica, is a derivative of Reggae with the slight difference of trippy sounds, reverbs and echoes. Dub, mixed with the dark elements of Dubstep creates a very mellow sound only to be thrown into the blender of absolute madness which in turn creates a unique combination of sounds that are pleasing to the ear.

The Future

I don’t think Dubstep will ever go away due to the fact that it has already captivated enough people to keep it living for a long time. I’m sure that this genre will also be responsible for creating several sub genres as it has already done.

Watch this insane example here:

Even if a new style of electronic music is created, people can rest assured that this specific genre will be around for a long time. The music is still young enough for many unknown producers to etch out a name for themselves as a professional Dubstep Maker within the stone tablet that is Dubstep Music.