The Interactive Social Media Realm

social mediaThe mention of the term interactive social media is a reference to the types of internet related forms of communication. This kind of communication is widely used in the social media marketing with the idea intended to finding a response or engaging in an interactive session with those that are participating on the social media platform availed. One of the unique characteristics about the interactive social media is that the format allows for a two way kind of communication that is expected to solve issues or add on to something that is already ongoing. Unlike most of the traditional kind of marketing and communication which are one way such as advertising on television, radio, SEO, billboards or on the news papers.

The interactive kind of communication is not one directional neither is it done privately. Instead this kind of communications requires the handlers of the communication to engage the target audience in a session that can be both measured and fruitful in the short term or long term. In this kind of communication there is a way that the effects of the messages that has been sent can be easily measured since the person being communicated to will have the opportunity and the platform to respond to the communication effort. The individual who was being communicated to may pass on the message to another group of individuals or group, they may choose to respond directly to the message by either acknowledging they have received the message or by approving or disapproving the message.


Social Media Management Agencies

There are various ways that the interactive social media may be executed in such as in photo and video sharing sites, social networking sites, and on information sharing sites. The most popular method that is employed by marketers in the means of promoting the services of a particular company is through the social networking sites which includes Face book, Twitter, Instagram among others. In these social networking sites the particular will have an opportunity to become part of network of friends. A professional social media management agency will make use of the social media networking sites to pass on a message to the members of these sites through the various forms of interactions such as through a fan page on Twitter and Face book. The individual members of these sites have the opportunity to comment, add photos and share videos while in the same times interacting with the various networks that are formed on the sites.

social media

Social Media Privacy

The sites are run through various privacy policies that will allow the users to either take part in the general activities or not. Whereby they may choose even to disallow a member on their network of friends or people of group of like minded individuals. The other sites that are growing in this kind of interactive aspect are the information sharing sites. These types of sites are based on crating a platform that members can share information amongst themselves and from the handlers of the sites. The social networking sites and the information sharing sites are popular with the social media marketers because of their large membership and interactive sessions that they can engage in with the fans and the consumers.